Practice Standards

Clarendon House is proud to have been inspected and approved as an ‘RCVS Accredited Practice’.

The RCVS Practice Standards Scheme is a voluntary initiative to accredit practices in the UK.

The scheme aims to maintain the highest standards of veterinary care through setting and carrying out regular inspections.

To achieve the status of an RCVS accredited practice inspectors visit with a detailed set of strict guidelines to cover all aspects of small animal practice:

These include:

  • Premises that are clean, hygienic and secure with a range of accommodation suitable for all species treated, so that patients are comfortable and secure.
  • Patient clinical records that are confidential, accurate and current so that veterinary professionals are able proceed with continuity of care for the patient.
  • Operating and maintaining diagnostic equipment including X-Rays to a strict set of guidelines to allow proficient and accurate diagnosis whilst ensuring the safety of both staff and animals.
  • Ensuring that all staff must continually undertake training to keep their skills and knowledge current in an ever evolving profession.
  • Maintaining laboratory facilities that are quality controlled for accurate test results.
  • Providing surgical facilities and anaesthesia equipment that allows treatment of all species and is safe for both staff and patients. These facilities must be maintained to a high standard of hygiene and also provide effective means of sterilisation of surgical instruments and equipment.
  • 24 hour emergency cover for the care of animals treated by the practice during normal working hours.
  • A medicines dispensary that allows safe storage of all medicines, including well rotated stock that is stored and dispensed appropriately.
  • Compliance with comprehensive government legislation regarding health and safety for the protection of owners, staff and all visitors to the practice.

In maintaining our RCVS accredited practice status we are endeavouring to provide the very best level of care for both our clients and patients. It encourages us to continually review our practices by updating protocols, services and knowledge within our team, all of which benefits our clients, patients and staff.