At Clarendon House we are great believers in preventative medicine and vaccination plays a major role here. We recommend that your rabbit is vaccinated against both myxomatosis and viral haemorrhagic disease (VHD). Myxomatosis is a fatal disease spread by fleas, biting flies and direct contact with infected rabbits. This means that indoor rabbits are at risk as well as outdoor ones. VHD is also a fatal disease spread by direct contact with infected rabbits or their saliva and nasal secretions. This means that the virus can be spread by feeding bowls and even human clothing, meaning indoor rabbits are susceptible to this disease as well.

Vaccination can be done any time from 5 weeks of age and then adult rabbits will require annual boosters to ensure that their immunity to disease stays strong. If you have an older rabbit, it is not too late to start a vaccination programme and our vets can advise you on this. Older rabbits often have a weaker immune system so it is especially important to give them a helping hand and keep their boosters up to date.

At Clarendon House Veterinary Group a full health assessment is included in the price of every vaccination appointment. It is always good to examine your pet for any problems that you may not be aware of. Regular examination helps early diagnosis of a condition and therefore early treatment of any problems detected.

Becoming a member of our Healthy Pet Club will enable you to enjoy a wide range of benefits for your rabbit which includes all essential vaccinations.

If you would like to book your rabbit into the surgery for vaccination then please contact our reception team who will be happy to arrange this for you.