Why do we recommend neutering your Rabbit?

Rabbits are sociable animals that need company from other rabbits. In order to keep two rabbits together they will need to be neutered in order to prevent them fighting or breeding and producing unwanted litters. In addition neutering your rabbit will reduce the risks of serious diseases developing such as uterine tumours in female rabbits and in males it will reduce the risk of them developing behavioural problems such as fighting, biting and urine spraying. This will help your rabbit to live longer and enjoy a better quality of life.

What is neutering?

Neutering is a surgical procedure involving an anaesthetic. For male rabbits the testicles are removed and this is called castration, for females the ovaries and uterus (womb) are removed and this is called spaying. Your rabbit will be admitted into the surgery for the day and should be able to be discharged the same evening.

When should I neuter my rabbit?

Rabbits become sexually mature between 4 months (in smaller breeds) and 6-9 months (in larger breeds). We recommend that you separate young rabbits into single sexed groups at approximately 16 weeks of age. Your rabbit will be old enough to neuter at approximately 5-6 months of age for the males and at approximately 6 months of age for the females. This can vary depending on the breed of your rabbit and at Clarendon House we offer a free pre operation appointment with one of our veterinary surgeons who will complete a full health check and provide you with the best guidance as to when to book your rabbit in for their procedure.

Neutered rabbits are more prone to obesity as they grow older, so we will give you advice on nutrition for your rabbit once it has been neutered.

As part of our Healthy Pet Club at Clarendon House you can take advantage of a 20% discount on the cost of neutering your rabbit.

Please do not hesitate to contact the surgery should you require any additional information or would like to book your rabbit in for a free pre operation check.