Nutrition & Diet

Selecting the correct diet for your puppy or dog is vital as it will ensure well balanced nutrition which is one of the most important aspects of healthy normal growth and development. An incorrect diet can be responsible for chronic diarrhoea, poor body and coat condition, obesity and even growth deformities.

At Clarendon House we recommend Royal Canin Veterinary Care Nutrition to support optimum health for your pets. Nutritional needs change significantly through a pet’s lifetime and the Royal Canin lifestage range provides specific balanced nutrition for puppies through to senior dogs. In addition to age it is also tailored to size, breed and activity levels.

As well as lifestage diets we offer a range of veterinary diets that are specifically formulated to support a range of clinical conditions. You can find out more about Royal Canin diets at

At Clarendon House we understand that your dog is an individual and has their own unique requirements when it comes to selecting which food to feed, how often to feed and how much to feed. We are here to support these decisions so please contact the surgery if you would like to discuss the nutritional needs of your pet and our veterinary professionals will be happy to recommend an appropriate diet and answer any questions you may have.

It is also important to remember to introduce a new diet gradually over a period of approximately 10 days to avoid an upset stomach or even refusal to eat.

Becoming a member of our Healthy Pet Club will provide you with discounts on foods and you can also enjoy a wide range of other benefits designed to save you money.