Microchipping is a quick and easy injection that places a tiny microchip the size of a grain of rice under the skin of the scruff of the neck. There is no need for sedation or anaesthetic. Each microchip carries a unique number that can be read by a portable scanner and will allow veterinary surgeries, the authorities and rescue centres to contact you should your cat become lost or is stolen.

We often hear in the press and as a vet surgery have witnessed first-hand stories of cats that have strayed miles from home only to be reunited with their owners thanks to their microchips. Microchipping offers cats a safe and permanent method of identification and significantly increases the chances of a lost cat being reunited with its owners.

There are many very good reasons why cats should be microchipped.

  • The microchip is a permanent means of identifying your cat.
  • The chances of your cat being reunited with you should they become lost or stolen will significantly increase once your cat is microchipped.
  • Microchips are safe, practical and effective.
  • Microchipping allows veterinary surgeons to contact owners should a stray cat be presented and emergency treatment is required.
  • Pets travelling abroad are required to be microchipped.
  • Microchipping takes only a few minutes and lasts a lifetime.

Once your cat has been microchipped if you move house or change your telephone number you must update your details on the microchipping database as soon as possible. You can only be reunited with your pet if your personal details are current and correct.

You can have your cat microchipped for free at Clarendon House as part of our Healthy Pet Club.  

If you have any further questions regarding the benefits of microchipping your cat or if you would like to book an appointment to have your cat microchipped please contact the surgery directly and we will be happy to make an appointment.