Exciting news in store for our Heybridge surgery

There is exciting news in store for our Heybridge surgery.

At present it runs as a first opinion consultation branch and patients requiring further diagnostic treatments and routine surgery are transferred to our Galleywood site. We are currently in the process of planning the development of our Heybridge site so that it will be possible for our vets to perform surgical procedures and diagnostic work at the branch without the need to transfer patients to Galleywood. By developing the site we will be able to offer our Heybridge clients and their pets a more extensive and convenient service reducing the need to transport patients between branches. The services will still be carried out by our regular vets that our clients are used to seeing on a day by day basis, they will simply be spending more time at Heybridge as a branch surgery serving the needs of our clients and patients. Watch this space for further updates as these exciting plans progress.